About our mission

H: Homeownership and revitalization for people who actually live in the community vs. gentrification and giveaways to a select few investors and absentee landlords.

O: Opportunity means jobs for the community, including ex-offenders returning to the community and participating in renovations.

M: Mentorship in the form of court ordered diversion to apprenticeship programs in the building trades, as opposed to mass incarceration at $38,000 per inmate.

E: Economic stability as the Dollar House Program would produce state and local income tax revenue at very livable wages. The Dollar House Program would also produce minority contracting opportunities.

S: Success is all of the above, which can be achieved with direct loans from the state at a 1% fixed rate, turning a $100,000 renovation investment loan into an affordable $300/per month mortgage for a typical Dollar House owner.

Can we count on you?